Pastor Rob begins a new sermon series that will go through the “I am” statements that Jesus makes. Starting off is “I am the bread of life” where we learn how we can be sustained by Jesus.


Ryan is a member here at Spring Valley and brings us a message from time to time. This week he brought us a message about when times get tough and a story about a time he was caught in a terrible storm on a hiking trip!

Creature of Habit Part 2.jpg

Pastor Rob continues his message series on building good habits. This week he speaks about how being involved with others is beneficial and why it is a good habit.

Creature of Habit Part 2.jpg

Continuing his message about developing good and healthy habits, Rob expresses why the Bible is such a useful tool. We must know the Bible in order for it to take root in our lives.


This week in his Creature of Habit Series, Rob discusses how we can pray more effectively. Speaking with someone is a two-way street and prayer should be, too.