Continuing our series on verses from the Bible being taken out of context, we take a look at a very common verse. Jeremiah 29:11 is often used as a tool to encourage and reassure people and you’ve probably seen it on coffee mugs and bumper stickers, but was this verse really meant for you?

“Don’t Judge me, or you too will be judged!” A phrase we have probably all heard before, but what does the Bible really say about judging? Is it wrong to judge other people? Rob talks about judgement in the second week of the Twisted series.


We begin a new series about Bible Verses that commonly have their meanings “Twisted” into meaning something completely different than their original intent. We kick off the series with a verse from John about asking God for things. Just because we ask for things from God, does that mean we should get them?

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The Sandlot is a classic film about a kid who moves to a town and tries to make friends. Through the sport of baseball and some summer hijinks, he’s welcomed into a group of kids by their kind-hearted leader, Benny. Rob teaches about the qualities that we can emulate and how we can be a “Benny” to others in our lives.


Who has your Back? Using the story of animated film, Big Hero Six, Pastor Rob identifies traits that make a friend an incredibly valuable part of all of our lives.


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