Beginning a new series, Rob teaches from the book “None Greater” by Matthew Barrett. God is way more than we, as his creation could ever imagine, and trying to wrap our heads around who he is is just not possible. Rob dives in to what a “domesticated” version of God would be and why that has become a common practice.

Brian talks about what it means to be a Light and how we live our lives as followers of Christ.


Doug Baker joins us to bring us a message about the relationship between experience and expectations using two examples from the Bible. Two times the Israelites had to cross rivers and they were both a little different in how they played out.

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The final week of the Be the Switch series, this week is all about God’s purpose for your life. Just like David’s purpose wasn’t immediately recognized, so too can ours be difficult to identify.


In order to share God’s light with those around us, we must first walk in it ourselves. That’s the idea behind this message as Rob continues the series “Be the Switch.”


Be the Switch is all about about being a light to those around you. Like a light switch is a small catalyst that changes the light for a whole room, we too should be able to brighten the world around us. This week, Rob talks all about recognizing the opportunities in our every day life to be a positive influence in someone’s life.

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Concluding this series on the life and ministry of Paul, Pastor Rob goes through the missionary journeys of the man we’ve been learning about. It is important to read these New Testament letters written by Paul and Rob passionately hits on why that is.

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Pressing on with our study of Paul’s journey, Pastor Rob teaches about the struggles that Paul went through during his ministry. We all go through hard times, but God’s grace is sufficient for us to carry on and helps us to respond appropriately.


Ben Post Visits us from Campus Ministries and teaches about the call from Jesus to the Twelve Disciples. We learn about the strange dynamics amongst the group of Apostles and how they had to learn to work together despite their differences.